Satisfaction Guaranteed - 1080P | MP4 - Lexiana Teases

Satisfaction Guaranteed – 1080P | MP4 – Lexiana Teases

After seaching the web for a new cockhero challenge, I finally found one that would be perfect for his endurance training.
The video is full of different sexy clips, masturbation, lesbians, couples and even threesomes.
I knew that my wet hands stroking him up and down, while forcing him to keep his eyes on the video was a dangerous cocktail.
To be honest, I thought he would make it to atleast round number three. Boy was I wrong!
I start off by teasing his cock really slowly. Playing with his foreskin and making sure he is hard and ready for the challenge ahead of him. I add a few cockrings just to make him even harder and more sensitive. Maybe that was a bit unfair, since he might have lasted longer without those cockrings. When it comes to cockteasing, I am no fair woman to deal with though…
In this video I stroke his cock to this amazing cock hero clip called “Satisfaction”. He didn’t even make it past the girls pleasing eachother…

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Lexiana Teases - Satisfaction Guaranteed - 1080P | MP4

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