I had to wait for you my baby boy!!! Your birthday is today!!! I couldn’t miss to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I know, you have some crazy friends this afternoon but mommy has something very, very special! And believe me my son…the present witch mommy has for you…YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS!!! So my son….on this paper mommy writes you the address…be there exactly 8PM…your best B-day present will wait there for you!!!
My son…you’re 18 years old today!!! I’m sure if your father was here, he would take you to some strip club!…But….mommy could do better then that!!! Mommy brings strip bar to you my son!…Yes, you know that mommy was taking dancing lessons my baby!!! Well just watch what mommy can do for you!
Mommy will give you the best lap dance ever! Do you like it my son?…Mommy’s butt….let me push that big….mommy’s butt to you…closer….closer to your face! Tell me…do you like what you see my son?!…Mmmm…..Well now..tell me something my baby!!! I know you were trying to snip in to the bar where mommy works? And it was 3 times….and all 3 nights your mommy was working! So…? You wanted to see mommy stripping my baby?!
Well…mommy is doing it now for you…only for you!!!! Come to me my son…come closer!!! I see how your pants getting full…so…grown!!!…Give it to mammy…she will take care of you!!!…Happy birthday my baby…..mommy take your swollen cock in her mouth..mmm…taste better then I told!!! Is so beautiful…..you grown in very…very big young man!!! Now my son….cum all over mommy’s tits!!!…..Let me clean your cock and taste the last drops of your milk…mmmm…so sweet!!!!…..Well…mommy still get it!!!! Mommy is your slut for today my son!!! Happy Birthday my baby!!!

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Her impeccable hands are the temptations of her touch,as well sexy nailscolor of the dark night rose, her relaxing whisper control will tell when your balls get full and sperm will soar.
Moment of sperm flight was save on 2 video cameras in front and on the side.
Have nice time today and always!

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So my Son was acting really Sick and Depressed for a few days. I had a feeling that it was the same problem he had last year. My Son has never masturbated before so he gets Blue Balls constantly and gets backed up. On the way back from the gym, I stopped off at the sex store and bought him a pocket pussy and a dildo. I wanted to educate him on how to keep his “Pipes Clean”. I illustrated how to properly lube and jerk his cock with the pocket pussy. After the lesson, he said he was not sure if he knew if he could do it. Like a good Mom, i showed him how. I jerked his cock off and told him EXACTLY how to masturbate to keep healthy. I jerked his cock off furiously until he drained every ounce of cum out of his balls. Now he does it everyday. Only problem is… He told his Sister, i will have to keep an eye on those two.

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Finally Mommy was able to get some alone time! That was until her Son Chip found her and started bugging Mommy for of all things another blowjob! It seemed no matter how many blowjobs, handjobs, and boobjobs she gave them, they always wanted more! They were very spoiled! Mommy told him not now and to stop pestering her! Of course that didn’t work and Chip just kept asking her over and over! Ok fine! Mommy drops to her knees and starts sucking her Sons cock! Chip was in heaven! He loved the way Mommy made his cock feel! And just before he was about to cum his Brother Robbie walks in! “Mom what the hell are you doing? I thought I was the only one you did that to?” Robbie yelled! Mommy was caught! She took care of both her boys but neither knew about what she did with the other. The boys started arguing with each other about who Mom loved more! Mommy stopped them and said that there was plenty of Mommy to go around! She summoned Robbie over and took out his cock. Mommy started sucking his big cock lovingly. She make sure to suck both of their cocks equally so not to made either one of them jealous. Chip told Mommy he was going to cum and sprayed it all of her big beautiful breasts! Then Robbie turned her around and gagged her with his cock until he splattered Mommy’s boobs with his cum! The boys high fived each other when Ernie walked in to find his Mom covered in cum with his two older brothers standing over her with their cocks out! He started yelling at them! He could not believe what he was looking at! Then when he finds out that Mom has been giving both of his Brother blowjobs for a while and not him, he was needless to say very upset! His Brothers laughed and made fun of him! Mom broke up the fight and told Ernie to take out his penis. Mommy rolls her eyes and says she would take care of him too! Great now she had three bratty Sons that will all want her mouth around their cocks all the time! Ernie came over and Mommy sucked his cock and told him he was special as well! Ernie was about to cum when Mommy told him to cum all over her tits! Mommy had three loads of her Son’s cum all over her boobs. She rubs all of their yummy cum all over her breasts while they all thank Mom for being the best Mom ever! It’s thankless job but someone has to do it!

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An other Valentine day with your wife. You were always enjoying this day, as your wife is super hot and always but always surprise you with something sexy. So you just can’t wait to come back home and be part of her ,, love ,, surprise.
Wow…she look super sexy tonight and is all for you. All to make you happy…you would think! Just listen her and get ready for the best night of your life!
,,Darling, I was thinking what would you love to do tonight, on our special night?! You know I love to feel you in me and we did pretty kinky staff already…but…let’s spice it up!!! This Valentine will be about you and your deepest fantasy. Do you know what I mean??? NO???
Well, let me put it this way. I know you’ve been always fantasies about your wife…getting slutty. You dream to seeing me with the other man! And I’m so, so hungry for do it!!! But I want you to be completely involved! I want to tease both of you, making you nice hard and play with the cock…both cock are only for your wife!!! To lick and suck the balls…to take the big dicks deep in…switching between you two…and never, even for one second have a empty mouth. Making you watching how much I enjoy his cock…how your wife blow his swollen cock…with so passion…and seeing you..getting all juicy and take your cock and lick and swallow all your precum juice!
Feeling two big cocks in my hands and feeling the pump…making you both crazy with my mouth. And when you can’t take any more…make you cum one by one…first in my mouth to taste his warm seed and swallow it. And then you….play with your sperm…tasting you and eat you up!!!
WHAT??? How we will find now other man with big cock I can enjoy??? Darling…your horny wife already take care of everything! And because this is our first time experimenting with CUCKOLD…I choose the one man I was always dreamed of baby!!! Your best friend!!! Let’s paly now…making me the slutty wife and you my cuckold hubbie!!!


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Trick-or-treat, DAKOTA and HALLE are at your door in their sexy and slutty Halloween COSTUMES and they want candy. Don’t tell them your out and close the door in their faces, or these BLONDES will seek revenge. DAKOTA and HALLE bust in and they know you are the neighborhood freak with a FOOT FETISH. The sexy BRAT GIRLS are going to use their sexy FEET and get more than just candy from you. DAKOTA wraps her BARE FEET around you COCK and STROKES up and down FUCKING you with her soft SOLES and TOES while HALLE shows off her sexy FEET giving you a view while you get FOOT FUCKED. These BRATTY BLONDES are going to make you weak by milking you CUM onto their FEET and take all your candy and money too. Happy Halloween FOOTJOB you FOOT loser.

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…two serbian girls, who love all kind of liquids are sitting under the milking table with your helpless dick in front of them… they will try to squeeze out your precum… to lick it up, to slurp it, to swallow it, sometimes to share it… they will not let you come until you can produce precum, so they slow down their sucking-kissing action to keep you in your excitement… keep producing precum!… (no cumshot in part A)

…lying on the table, you just feel their wet tongues or their soft lips… sometimes you feel nothing, you only hear some smacking when they kiss each other… your dick is rockhard and you know that they continue their game until you still can produce precum… it runs like a river… they love your juice, they want it all and finally they want your sperm in their mouth… you cum between their faces, between their lips and of course they share your white cum…

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On an afternoon brake from other activities on this short vacation trip Mlle Fanchette would like to play with her butler’s cock and cum. She invites him close to her and starts caressing and teasing his cock and balls. She then positions the cock on the marble table next to her. She goes on massaging it against the cool inviting marble, softly squeezing the head. She then decides to milk her butler’s cock. He cums hard on the table and Mlle is happy to play with the little puddle of cum, rubbing it all over the table and ultimately on her breasts. A fine little brake indeed.

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Sometimes butler Boris is so aroused that he will ejaculate in a few seconds. Although Mlle Fanchette finds this quite flattering she needs to punish him nonetheless. This is one of these situations. She stands on the door feeling horny and caressing her breasts slowly running her hand between her legs. The butler comes to her with his cock fully erect. After a few strokes and Mlle realizes that the butler has passed the point of no return. The only suitable punishment for a situation like this is a ruined orgasm. She retracts and the butler’s cock starts shooting cum in air and on the floor. Mlle Fanchette is happy to play with the sperm on the floor, crushing it with her bare feet…

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Even you know or you can imagine…how bad feeling is to be or to go to the hospital. With all the doctors and nurses just coming and steering at you!!!

But not today!!! Everybody had or still having the dreams about nurses….beautiful….helpful…sexy…slutty!!! And your fantasy coming true!!! YES…with me..playing your slutty nurse all your dreams….even the naughtiest one!!!

Do you like what you see??? Do you getting hard just to watching your sexy nurse!!! Who is here only and only for you and for comforting you! I wish to make you feel relaxed…just watch…a hottest teasing in your life!!! With the tight, white, shiny dress…look deep into your eyes….and you know….most intense oral servitude is about to begin.

Mmmm….what a beautiful cock….so big…so swollen….so rock hard…only from the tease!!! Honey…this was just a begging. Feel now my juicy lips…sucking up on your cock….my wet tongue licking all your hard dick and balls! You couldn’t imagine the pleasure so intense like my lips…mouth…tongue giving to you right now!!! How I know it??? I feel…your cock getting so juicy…so full of precum juice! Mmmm….love it…just taste amazing!!!

So good I want more and more of you!!! Switching between the best sucking techniques…suck your real deep…then just tease your head with my tongue and suck again!!! Your fantasy was nothing compering to the feeling I’m giving you right now!!!

I feel how rock hard your cock it and now….rubbing harder and harder my tongue on your cock….start to feel your pressure….your cock start to pumping!!! Yeah….cum baby…cum!!! I want to feel your load…your warm, white milk!!! Cum and I’ll play with your cum for you!!! Mmmmm…very tasty!!!

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