Your Orgasm Belongs To Me - Ashley Fires Fetish Clips

Your Orgasm Belongs To Me – Ashley Fires Fetish Clips

You have been hiding your cum from me… Well that just wont do. I will not be deprived! I own you, your cock, and your cum! Its time for me to get what’s mine and teach you a lesson! I am going to get every last drop of your cum!

I start nice and slow, teasing you with my beautiful round ass and panties. I am getting wet and soaking my panties. I know you want to smell them so I take them off and let you. Are you hard yet? Do you want more? I grind my bare ass and pussy all over the bulge straining to get out of your jeans. I stick a finger in my ass and wiggle it around. It feels so good! Now I want you to smell it. Can you smell my sweet ass on my finger? You Love it! Now it’s time to tease you with my tits. I pull up my shirt and rub my nipples all over your bulging jeans. Are your pants getting to tight? Do you want me to free you from your constricting jeans? Ok, I will let your cock loose. I spit on it, giving it nice long strokes. Now I know having my bare wet pussy so close and not getting to fuck it is driving you crazy, so I decide to tease you. I take your cock and slap it against my clit. I am going to make you cum like never before! I stroke you cock with my spit soaked hands and rub your cock between my ass cheeks… Are you ready to cum? I am going to milk every last drop of cum from your hard cock! What, that’s it? I think there is more, I am just going to keep on stroking you… SCREAM if you must… That cum is mine and I will get it all!!!


Your Orgasm Belongs To Me - Ashley Fires Fetish Clips

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