Alexis Rain in Making Frank Cum - Jerky Wives

Alexis Rain in Making Frank Cum – Jerky Wives

Frank, he thought, was home alone with some alone time jerking off to his hot sexy neighbor Cory Chase. The window blinds were cracked so he could see Cory working in her back yard. He began pulling his cock when Alexis walked into the room. He was not expecting to see his scantly dressed daughter walk up behind him…He was stuck…His cock was in his hand and his shorts were around his ankles… This did not seem to phase Alexis…She walked closer and closer to…Alexis teased her Daddy by rubbing her large breasts on his knee and reaching in a stroking him…Dad could now watch the hot Cory outside while sitting back and enjoying a nice handjob from Alexis…He even agreed to do Alexis’s Laundry for a month…But his mind was elsewhere as he painted his lovely little girl’s breasts with his milky jizz… Alexis walked away what she will do next time…She does need a new car…

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Alexis Rain in Making Frank Cum - Jerky Wives

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