Alexis Rain in Painting Mommy - Jerky Wives

Alexis Rain in Painting Mommy – Jerky Wives

Tomorrow your final assignment is due, a nude drawing of a beautiful woman. You have the drawing skills but you do not have a nude model. You are sitting on the floor scratching your head when your Step-Mom walks in. She can see you are troubled and asks what she can do to help. Embarrassed, you tell her about your assignment. Alexis is a free spirit and willfully volunteers to pose are your nude model. You are reluctant to use your Step Mom; she has known you since you were just a . On the other hand if you do not turn in your assignment, you will fail the course. With a nod and a smile, Alexis begins to strip down and lies comfortably on the couch. You sketch all the curves of your beautiful Step-Mom with a slight bulge in your pants. Alexis notices your arousal and asks if there is anything else she can help you with. You attempt to hide excitement; however Alexis will not let it go. She sees the drawing is finished but wants you to paint something else. Alexis wants your cum on her breasts. You have reached the point of no return as you have already drawn your Hot Step-Mom nude. Alexis reaches in your pants and strokes your hard cock. This is the luckiest day of your life, you see your Step-Mom Nude and now you are about to paint her. You feel that tug at your balls and you know what is coming next, you give Alexis exactly what she wanted. A freshly Painted Breast!!!

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Alexis Rain in Painting Mommy - Jerky Wives

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