Alexis Rain in Perving Your Sis - Jerky Wives

Alexis Rain in Perving Your Sis – Jerky Wives

You spent the first year of college chasing Co-ed’s around campus but there was always something missing…There was a girl that you could not get out of your mind…She was back home and you were looking forward to seeing her…It is Summer break and you are driving back to your Parents house…You come up to the driveway and a familiar feeling tugs at your loins…The front door is unlocked and you make your way back to you her room…The door is cracked and she is making her bed…To your surprise she only wearing a towel…You do not want to surprise her so you stand back and enjoy the view…
Several moments later, Alexis notices you standing there. She is happy to see you and asks how College is treating you…The only thing on your mind is seeing her without the Robe on…College Co-eds are no match for Alexis…She is too hot for all of them…That is when Alexis notices the bulge in your shorts and asks you in her room…She wants to know how she can help you with that but you are too embarrassed to say….Alexis offers a comforting smile and invites you onto her bed…There she gentle pulls down your shorts to find a fully erect penis…No words are shared, Alexis knows exactly what to do…You are relieved as Alexis begins to stroke your cock…You want this to last but you know Mom and Dad are coming home to welcome you back from College. With your mind clear of nothing but your Sis, you let go and explode…This was everything you always dreamed and home to continue this secret relationship…Maybe next time you can satisfy your Sis…

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Alexis Rain in Perving Your Sis - Jerky Wives

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