Angie Noir in the Birthday Present - Jerky Wives

Angie Noir in the Birthday Present – Jerky Wives

Your Parents forgot your birthday, so you are in-bed avoiding contact with anyone…There is a knock at the door and Mom walks in…She asks what is wrong??? Angie knows you are upset and wants to do something for you…
There is not much she can offer, times are tough, and there is no money left after all the bills are paid…So Mom offers to give you the best blowjob you have ever had…Mom is smoking hot and has the nicest tits on the block…She pulls away the covers and sees your giant erection…She begins to suck you off and lets you play with her huge tits…Then something crazy happens…Mom turns around and sits on your cock…She fucks you with her tight pussy and you fight back the urge to cum and tell Angie to get off your cock…
Mom does not want any evidence on her dress…You cannot hold back any longer and fill your beautiful Mom’s mouth full of your hot load…A little bit drips out but she swallows it all…Mom gives you a kiss on the forehead and you forgive her for what happened yesterday…Till Christmas…

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Angie Noir in the Birthday Present - Jerky Wives

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