Brother Sister Playtime - Cum for Mommy

Brother Sister Playtime – Cum for Mommy

When Mommy checks in on her two little munchkins playing, she’s surprised to see her young son with an obvious boner. “Does this happen a lot when you two are playing?”
When she finds out that playing with his little sister often gets his penis hard, Mom decides to teach these two a new game. Pulling off big brother’s little undies, she encourages his little sister to touch and then kiss the young boy’s erection. Fascinated and more than a little turned on, Mom shows her young daughter how to stroke her brother’s cock. Explaining that from now on whenever he gets a hard on, it will be sis’s job to help him with it. Both her offspring seem to really be enjoying this new game their perverted but loving mommy taught them. When big brother blows a huge load from his sister’s stroking, Mommy makes them promise that she gets to watch every time they play their new, secret game.

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Brother Sister Playtime - Cum for Mommy

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