Macy Cartel had a wild new years eve. In fact so wild she had sex with one of her co workers in the office and her boss has found out. Macy’s boss has a strict office relations policy and lets Macy know she will have to be terminated. Macy needs this job and begins to seductively plead to keep it. Macy slouches in her chair as her boss continues to tell her she is going to fire her. Macy slips her heel of and gently glides her foot to her boss’s ankle. Macy slowly moves her foot from his ankle toward his crotch. As Macy’s boss beings to tell her this is in appropriate she shoves her foot onto his crotch which makes him stutter and lose his train of thought. Macy rubs her boss crotch and asks to keep her job again. Macy’s boss tries to say no but but cant help but get closer and closer before he does. Macy’s boss cannot take it anymore and agrees to allow Macy to keep her job as he cums his pants.

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I knew she wanted something as soon as she walked into my room. Cadence asks if I will do her chores so she can go on a date with her boyfriend. I said no…Since she has nothing to offer, she begins to strip for me. First she displays her breasts and then her bush…
Again she asks if I will do her chores and I say no…The only thing she has left is to pull my cock out and stroke it but I tell her she must swallow my entire load. My sister is such a good slut and does everything I tell her. Cadence edges me up and I unload into her cute little mouth.
Again she asks if I will do her chores and I nod yes. She leaves with a smile ready to see her boyfriend. If she only knew seeing her boobs was enough…


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