Taylor Pierce is getting all kinds of oral attention on her size sevens and she’s really enjoying it. She tells her friend that she’s never tried giving a footjob. Archer Legend, always eager to help out in a situation like this, encourages Taylor to go for it. Once she puts her mind to it there is no stopping her. Taylor clearly knows her way around a cock and her lack of footjob experience doesn’t intimidate her at all. She squeezes, clamps, wiggles and strokes like stepping on dick is what she was born to do! After several minutes of keeping up a great pace she grabs Archer’s cock in her hands and pushes her sweet feet into his face. Taylor jerks that throbbing cock while telling him to suck her toes. Archer doesn’t argue and follows her instructions. You can see how his body flinches and squirms with ecstasy as Taylor does her thing with great skill. When he can hold off no more, Archer unleashes his hot load onto those waiting toes. Taylor Pierce is understandably quite proud of herself. She puts on an exceptional show for a first timer. While Archer struggles to catch his breath, you can tell that he was just happy to help out a friend.

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