Cousin Naomi is over Bella’s family thanksgiving. Bella and Naomi have some alone time and Bella decides she is going to get her revenge on Naomi for always being a brat and ruing ever family holiday for her. Bella slips off her shoes and put her pantyhose clad leg up Naomi’s thigh. Naomi is shocked and tries to protest but Bella uses her big pantyhose foot to spread apart Naomi’s legs and shove her pantyhose foot in her crotch. Bella’s foot completely covers Naomi pussy. Bella rubs hard and vigorously putting Naomi in a orgasmic trance. Naomi cant help but to moan as she tries to resist. Finally Naomi cums in her pantyhose soaking her panties and gusset. Naomi is left with a wet crotch as the family begins to arrive.

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