Ivy Brooks is wearing Gymshark leggings and a crop top, swinging around a stripper pole. “I just wish someone would come and lick my pussy…” she says to herself.
Lance Hart shows up. “I heard you need someone to lick your pussy…?”
Deep Plot.
He gets on his knees and worships her ass and crotch through the leggings, then pulls her clothes off and licks her pussy from the front and from behind. He stands up to kiss her and she tells him “Lick my fucking pussy until I cum on your face.”
So he does.
Later on, Ivy Brooks is wearing a mini skirt, shiny pantyhose and heels. She’s in her apartment, just craving cum. “I just wish someone would cum all over me…”
Lance Hart shows up to help out. She strips him down and lubes up his hard cock. He’s about to cum when she stops him… “Not yet…”
Ivy edges Lance a few times, switching positions. She straddles him and grinds against him while stroking his hard cock. Lance begs her to cum, but she won’t let him just yet. Eventually she tells him he can cum. She points his dick to her crotch, pulls up her shirt to show him her perfect natural tits, and he blows his load on her pantyhose.


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