Chastity Slave Plays the Bikini Edging Game - Brat Princess 2

Chastity Slave Plays the Bikini Edging Game – Brat Princess 2

Amadahy, Kendall, and Lola play a game with their chastity slave. The game is called, “bikini.” During the game, the slave is edged for twenty minutes. A timer is set. If during the edging the slave thinks it’s about to cum, it has to say the word, “bikini.” When the girls hear “bikini,” they will temporarily stop and give the slave a break to keep it from going over the edge. But every time the slave calls, “bikini,”’ each of the three girls gets one bikini. If the slave refuses to say bikini and instead has an orgasm, the penalty is ten bikinis per girl, plus one handbag each, plus a month in chastity. If the slave is good and follows the rules of the game, then he only has to spend a week in chastity. But, of course, at the end of that week in chastity they will play another edging game to determine the next outcome. The girls strap the slave down, remove its chastity device, and make it get an erection. Then, they place a milking machine over the slave’s erection to edge him. The girls tease the slave with the milking machine and their sexy bodies for twenty minutes. Does he last??? Watch to know the outcome!


Chastity Slave Plays the Bikini Edging Game - Brat Princess 2

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