ChiChi Medina in Blackmailed My Sister - Jerky Wives

ChiChi Medina in Blackmailed My Sister – Jerky Wives

Someone has captured mom! Big brother shows ChiChi a picture of their mom tied up and naked on the floor. What do they want! ChiChi screams. The ransomers want a video of the sexy ChiChi giving a hand job. With only the brother around she does what she must in order to save her mom.
Reluctantly ChiChi starts to rub her brothers cock. This is for mom, we have to save her She reassures herself as she strokes him. She takes off her bra and panties and slowly moves her hand up and down his dick. I really hope this works ChiChi tells him as she strokes him faster. She needs her brother to cum and teases him until he shoots his load everywhere. Did I do it right? She asks and her brother begins to laugh. I can’t believe she fell for it! Mom comes in and they both laugh at the embarrassed ChiChi as she goes to wash her brothers jizz from her hands.


ChiChi Medina in Blackmailed My Sister - Jerky Wives

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