Cum Association Training 2 - 1080p HD - Sarah DiAvola

Cum Association Training 2 – 1080p HD – Sarah DiAvola

You love Me, don’t you?
“Yes, Goddess”
I want you to focus on nothing but My feet. Nothing else exists. I’m going to brain wash you to only be able to cum to feet. No matter how hard you try, you will not have an orgasm without feet.
Did I tell you to put that shoe down?
“No, Goddess”
I want you to worship the inner arch and feel the curves wrapping around your face and body. I see your head move wherever My shoes go, as if your eyes are attached to My feet with an invisible chain.
I describe the dangling, and why it’s so unbelievably sexy. I make you understand – and demonstrate – what makes several things sexy.
Smell My feet through My stockings. Inhale as I cover your face with My soles and press against your nose.
I’ve let you out of chastity, after weeks of having your cock locked up, only to train you to cum to feet. So you’d better cum to My feet, or you’ll have to wait another 4 weeks to try to orgasm again.
Smell My feet as I pose and writhe, completely and viciously aware of the way I look. The way I move. The way I feel to you against your body. I can’t stop obsessing over how good I look – My image is intoxicating to even Myself.
This is perverted luxury.
I want you to smell only Me.
My thigh-high black stockings reach all the way up My legs, and they are sheer enough that you can see My toes inside them. Even the pedicure color is clearly visible. My lingerie is expensive and the perfect blend of delightfully cute and classically erotic. My blond hair cascades along My shoulders and neck, curled and perfect.
you are never going to be allowed to cum without My feet. you will never be out of chastity unless it’s to try to cum.
I’m going to rewire your sexuality.
I have already planted the seed: The orgasm I give you, while I stuff My stockinged feet into your nose and face as you take deep, heavy inhales – it blows your fucking mind. It starts the wheels turning in your head and the connections forming throughout your body.
you’ve never realized how much you love the smell of My feet, and the proof is in the pudding, isn’t it? I make you cum, from a deep place of primal sexuality and psychological roots. I make your body give itself over to Me.
you’re Mine now, boy.


Sarah DiAvola - Cum Association Training 2

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