EyeCandyToes and Monica's Massive Gluteus Maximus - Joey's FeetGirls

EyeCandyToes and Monica’s Massive Gluteus Maximus – Joey’s FeetGirls

Ok lemme tell you a bit about this scene. It was not really planned and very impromptu. Basically the three of us are hanging out shooting and I’m getting completely smashed off a jug of wine just having the time of my life in NYC when we decide to make a film. I have no idea the direction I want to go in with the shoot so I just put the camera on the tripod and hit the record button.
The two girls bring me to full erection in 30 seconds. I’m extra horny and ready for some feet on my dick. What ends up happening is they take turns jerking me off with their feet and hands. Then, Monica climbs on my lap so you can see her ass while Bailey continues to stroke me with her feet and hands. This part is extremely sexy as both girls furiously work over my super stiff dick. The thing is… I’m already a bit tipsy and my penis isn’t going to let go so easy this time around.
I start feeling up Monica’s ass. Its just so… irresistible. This is supposed to be a foot video but I’m totally perving out and groping her ass cheeks while Bailey is jerking me off. I slide my hands inside her hose to get a better feel. Monica is also bent over, her breasts are pressed against my face, smothering me with her bosom.
How did I even get into this situation? The sensation of their hands and feet simultaneously stroking me has got me in heaven. My dickhead is swollen the entire time. Monica jerks me off against her ass cheek. Bailey twists and turns her hands around my shaft.
I thought about editing the video down but I wanted you to see the whole thing uncut, both girls going at my dick the whole time. In the end, Bailey uses her toes on my shaft and I finally let go, spraying a rope of cum onto Monica’s soles.
Now, I’m gonna go back to NYC to see more of Monica’s ass. We need more booty and soles footjob material for sure!

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EyeCandyToes and Monica's Massive Gluteus Maximus - Joey's FeetGirls

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