Forced by Mom to Cum Twice in a Row HD - Cum for Mommy

Forced by Mom to Cum Twice in a Row HD – Cum for Mommy

I know you’re getting to that age where you want to go out with your friends and not spend time with me. You SAY you’re going out with your buddies but I bet you’re really going to meet up with one of those little sluts I see you texting. Why can’t you understand they’re no good for you? That no one will ever love you like I do.
Stop arguing that you’re just going to hang out with your buddies. You can go out but only when you do as I say. Get undressed. NOW.
Get those boxers off and sit on my lap. I’m going to jerk you off so you won’t be tempted by those high school whores. Good boy, you shot a big load for me but guess what? Mom isn’t stopping.
I’m going to keep going until you cum again. No, you can’t meet your friends until I milk another load out of you. Are you holding back on me? I can do this all day until you cum again. If you don’t cum soon I’ll force you to cum a third time. I’ll jerk you off til your cock is sore if that’s what it takes. I need to make sure you’re drained of cum so you won’t be tempted by those sluts. Mommy is the only woman you need in your life.

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Forced by Mom to Cum Twice in a Row HD - Cum for Mommy

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