Goddess Alexandra Snow - Draining the Mortal

Goddess Alexandra Snow – Draining the Mortal

What’s this? A precious little mortal has made his way down into my crypt. He claims to have been searching for my kind for a long time. He says he wished to do experiments with me, but I can see from the way his eyes are wandering and his cock is hardening that it’s much more than that. It doesn’t take much to pull him under my power and within seconds this “man of science” will be my new plaything. Being an immortal creature, I‘m easily bored here in my crypt. I’ve decided to extract everything from him. First I will take his willpower, then his cum, and finally his immortal soul. This curious mortal will be one more thrall in my crypt. He will feed me with the liquid in his veins. If he’s lucky, maybe I’ll even let him satisfy me with his cock. Being down here for centuries is just dreadfully boring.
After he has cum for me, he’ll perish for me.


Goddess Alexandra Snow - Draining the Mortal

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