Jenni Bliss in Blackmailed - Jerky Wives

Jenni Bliss in Blackmailed – Jerky Wives

I don’t have all the rent again this month Jenni says nervously. I know I’m late again. Is there anything I can do to help my eviction not happen? She looks up at you with her big blue eyes and her cute little face. You tell her that you can work something else out. A little boob flash? Jenni asks pulling out her breasts for you. But that’s not going to be enough for you.
She pulls up her skirt and shows off her shaved pussy. I don’t know what else you want She says. You tell her to take off her clothes and touch herself. But you want more of the hot little slut. If she’s not going to pay rent then she’s going to get you off. With a sour expression Jenni strokes your cock. This is so gross. Do I really have to do this? She asks. You make her put it in her mouth and suck you. She can’t believe how humiliating and shaming it is. She feels so dirty sucking you and jerking you.
You make her go down as far as her throat will let her, deep throating your dick like the good little broke slut she is. Jenni wants you to cum so she can leave. She dirty talks you to make you cum, stroking you faster and moaning. Your cum shoots all over her tiny little hands and covers her in your warm jizz. So gross she says, rent paid.

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Jenni Bliss in Blackmailed - Jerky Wives

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