Karen Fisher: Auntie Big Booty Fuck - Conor Coxxx

Karen Fisher: Auntie Big Booty Fuck – Conor Coxxx

Karen Fisher now plays Khloe Kardashian, and you play her nephew Mason. You go to the kitchen you now play Mason and see Khloe sitting down on either a stool or a chair with its back facing her face and her ass facing you so its fully visible and her legs at either side so her ass cheeks are at their fullest. She has no thong on so her bare ass is facing you and is playing with her phone in her hands. She looks backs at you saying “Oh its you mason how’s my favorite nephew?” She then starts explaining to you that her big Kardashian ass is very precious and how it makes her all her money and she needs to maintain it. She then asks if you would be able to help her and pour oil on it and then rub it in. You do so. After this she looks back and notices a huge bulge in your underwear. She smiles naughtily saying is that cuz of me? I am Khloe Kardashian after all. You don’t know what is happening as you have never had a boner before. She smiles saying “It’s okay Mason. Let Aunty Khloe help you, take off your underwear.” She then tells you to get behind her and to grind against her. She instructs you and has you push and squish your cock between her ass cheeks and use your hands to further sandwich your cock by pushing her ass cheeks together. You hump between her cheeks for a bit all the while, she proceeds to encourage you calling you Mason her nephew and telling you how proud she is. After a bit she even has you sit down and then sits on your lap sandwiching your cock between her ass cheeks and your stomach. Asking you if your mother ever helped you like this and if you want her to pretend to be your mommy etc. Finally you tell her you are starting to feel really weird and want to stop. Knowingly she tells you don’t worry, Aunty Khloe will take care of you and to just focus on her ass and try and aim your cock at it. She gets off you and you stand behind her while she sits on the chair ass facing you, and you move a bit back and do as she says. And then starts twerking her big ass cheeks one at a time while on the chair. Her ass cheeks big and round twerking ass cheeks one at a time. She proceeds to tell you to focus on her big ass. And show your aunty how much you love her ass. You are panicked and say you feel you are gonna explode but she encourages you telling to let it all out for her big kardashian ass. You start cumming and shoot huge streaks and grunting her name “aunty Khloe” and “your ass is so big” and how you “cant stop cumming” while she encourages. All the while twerking one ass cheek at a time while encouraging you to spray her big ass down and how big her kardashian ass is and to show aunty Khloe how much you can shoot, etc. There is like 20 seconds of many fake cumshaws all hitting her big ass cheeks. Really spraying down all sides. All the while you are grunting and saying what i wrote and she is encouraging and twerking.

Conor Coxxx - Karen Fisher: Auntie Big Booty Fuck

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