Karolinka's Feet - I want you to Cum in my sweaty socks

Karolinka’s Feet – I want you to Cum in my sweaty socks

It was beautiful outside, so I decided to go for a jog. When I finally got back home I was exhausted and my young feet were aching. All I wanted was to take off my shoes. I sat on the couch, took off my sneakers and the intense smell of my sweaty feet and worn ankle socks instantly hit my nose. It made me incredibly horny! I quickly called my fucktoy and ordered him to come over. He arrived very quickly and when he walked into my room his bulge began to grow. I immediately layed him on the floor, smothered his face with my sweaty feet in smelly socks and started milking his throbbing cock with my hands. The wonderful aroma of my sweaty socks was driving him wild and his horny dick was pulsating in my hands like crazy. After a while I took off my stinky socks and put them on his rock hard cock like a condom and started milking it. I edged him a lot but he couldn’t resist my sweaty feet for a long time and after a few minutes he blew a huge load into my stinky socks. Of course I wore them for the rest of the day to let the healthy fresh cum soak into my young feet. Cum makes my feet soft. 😉 Full HD

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Karolinka's Feet - I want you to Cum in my sweaty socks

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