Kylie Rose - Buy Me a Purse or I'll Tell on You!

Kylie Rose – Buy Me a Purse or I’ll Tell on You!

I want a new purse, and I know just how to get it. Some men are simply weak for my foot domination, and I’m going to remind this one that I own him, and his wallet. After reminding him that he just got me a pretty new pedicure, I know a footjob will help me convince him that a new purse should be mine too. I rub my feet all over his crotch. When his cock gets hard, as it always does for my feet, I waste no time getting to it, because I need to go shopping NOW. Working his cock with my arches and soles, he’s helpless against my financial domination. It’s so easy that he barely resists as I turn around, rubbing that dick with my feet until finally, he cums and I ensure that he cooperates by taking a quick photo to blackmail him. I am going to LOVE my new purse!

Kylie Rose - Buy Me a Purse or I'll Tell on You!

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