Kylie Rose - Due for a milking

Kylie Rose – Due for a milking

I know you like to be teased from beneath your locked chastity cage. It’s been so long since I’ve allowed you to feel your hard cock against my little body. But remember, your cock belongs to me, and I’m not letting it out just yet. First, your bound dick will be teased by my pink, puffy nipples and my round, firm ass until every inch of you is pressed against the steel bars of your chastity cage. You’ve built up so much cum in your unused cock. I’ll give you one short chance for release before I lock up your dick once again. I do love keeping you in chastity! I know you want my sexy feet more than anything, but those feet are only for men who are worthy. You’re only getting milked with my hands. Better make it quick, or I’ll put you right back in your cage for another 30 days without relief!

Kylie Rose - Due for a milking

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