Kylie Rose - Happy Ending

Kylie Rose – Happy Ending

You came in for a massage with a “happy ending,” but you’re not getting what you expected. I’ll let you cum, but you’re not worthy of having sex with me, so you’re going to have to settle for a hand job. Sitting between your legs, I’m going to work your cock with my little hands, stroking it up and down as it throbs. You’ve been hard through the whole massage, so this shouldn’t take long at all. Working up a sweat, I’ll take off my top, and make myself more comfortable, removing my pants and sitting on your face. With your nose between my delicious butt cheeks, I wiggle and continue working your cock with my hands as you indulge in the scents of my ass and pussy. You may not be getting what you wanted, but you should feel lucky to have my pussy this close to you at all! I bet you wish you could taste it. Covering your face with my ass, I keep stroking your hard cock until finally, I milk the cum from your balls. I’m sure you’re leaving happy now, despite being denied what you asked for.

Kylie Rose - Happy Ending

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