Kylie Rose - He'll be home soon

Kylie Rose – He’ll be home soon

Kylie Rose gets back from cheer practice just before her parents come home, where their friend is waiting, expecting to meet with him. As soon as he notices her cute, petite feet, she surprises him by sticking them right in his lap, where she can feel the thick, growing bulge beneath his shorts. They’re not home yet, and Kylie’s not missing an opportunity to show him how good her feet can feel wrapped around his cock. She’ll be in serious trouble if he finds his naughty teenage little girl bent over with her ass in his friend’s face, her nipples peeking out from under her shirt, and her soft, pretty arches stroking a hard cock, right there in the living room. He could walk in at any moment, but Kylie’s footjob is just too hot to stop him from cumming on her smooth, tiny feet.

Kylie Rose - He'll be home soon

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