Kylie Rose - I Won't Tell Her

Kylie Rose – I Won’t Tell Her

With your wife out of the house, I figured you’d be lonely, so I snuck into your bed to give you a wake-up surprise hand-job. You’ve got a nice cock, and I wonder if she can resist touching it when you’ve got morning wood. Stroking your cock with my little hands, I remind you how rare it is that we’re even home at the same time. I bet you love watching me rubbing your hard dick, even if you are a bit worried about getting in trouble with your wife. Don’t worry, I won’t tell her how you didn’t even flinch when you opened your eyes and found your little girl in her panties, jerking you off. I’m just a horny girl, what do you expect? I want to see that big cock cum for me, so I’m not stopping until it does. Stroking faster and tighter, I finally get you off, but you know there’s one more thing I need…. your credit card. Don’t feel like letting me have it? Maybe I won’t keep our secret after all.

Kylie Rose - I Won't Tell Her

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