Kylie Rose - It's that time of the month

Kylie Rose – It’s that time of the month

Kylie Rose keeps her footslave leashed and under lock and key. Today, she would rather just have him worship her cute, perfect feet while kept in his steel chastity cage, grovelling to lick and suck her pretty toes, but it’s been a whole 30 days since Kylie last let him cum. It’s time for his monthly milking. If he wants that chastity cage removed, he’s going to lie down at her feet and obey Kylie’s orders. She’s going to tease him from just out of his reach, sitting above him with only a skimpy pink bikini over her slender Princess body. A footslave doesn’t deserve the pleasure of Kylie’s hands. After all, they’re busy holding the leash around his neck. When she frees his cock from inside that cage and lets him relieve all the built up cum in his monthly cock milking, he’s only going to have a footjob from Kylie’s dirty, stinky feet to give him what he’s been waiting for: a throbbing, explosive release of his useless seed.

Kylie Rose - It's that time of the month

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