Kylie Rose - Lock & Key

Kylie Rose – Lock & Key

Kylie Rose has kept her college classmate in chastity for over a month, teasing him and taking advantage of the control he has given over to her. She makes him lay on the floor beneath her and worship her beautiful, size 3.5 feet with his mouth. If he’s going to do all of Kylie’s classwork, she needs to make sure he can focus on getting her the “A”s she needs in class. Kylie unlocks his chastity cage, releasing his swollen cock. She takes it between her two soft arches and strokes his cock with her perfect feet. He obeys her every word and cums for her, spilling his load all over the soles of her feet. Kylie makes him lick off every drop, then sends him away to finish her homework.

Kylie Rose - Lock & Key

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