Kylie Rose - Milked after six weeks of chastity

Kylie Rose – Milked after six weeks of chastity

You’ve been locked in chastity for 6 weeks now, and as much as I want to keep your cock shut away forever, I have to milk that cock to keep you in check. Don’t get any funny ideas, though, because as soon as we’re done, it’s back in lock-down for you! Let’s hope it doesn’t take too long, because if I get bored milking your cock, you’ll end up back in your cock cage without getting off. You wait patiently for this hand job from your Princess, but don’t expect me to seem as excited as you are. I’m doing this for your own good. Let’s rid you of your manly urges and drain your testosterone filled balls. That ought to help you be a good slave for a while longer. Watch closely as I stroke your dick just enough to get what belongs to me. Cock milking day might be your favorite day, but this time, I think I’ll leave you in that chastity even longer!

Kylie Rose - Milked after six weeks of chastity

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