Kylie Rose - My Roomate's Secret

Kylie Rose – My Roomate’s Secret

Coming home from a long run, so I plop down on the couch. I totally forgot to wear socks today, and my sweaty feet are sticky inside these stinky shoes. I go to look for Jake, my roomate, but as I do, he comes into the room. Picking up my smelly shoes, he sniffs my foot stink in secret. Sniffing both my sneakers, he gets excited and starts to touch himself, but I walk in and catch him. He tries to deny it, but I know better, and I shove my shoe right into his face. He admits his dirty desire, and it gives me some ideas. Putting my stinky feet on his face, he tells me how much he loves the smell, rubbing them all over his mouth and nose. Apparently he’s been waiting a long time to confess, so I decide to reward his honesty with a little foot worship. First he licks my nasty soles, sucking my perfect toes. He does a good job sticking my whole foot in his mouth, and tells me his girlfriend won’t let him do this at all. I feel bad for him, and when I realize he’s getting hard for me, I surprise him with a stinky, sweaty foot job. He’s worried about getting in trouble, but I assure him it’s our little secret. Working that cock with my feet until he cums, I make him promise to let me do this every day, or else!

Kylie Rose - My Roomate's Secret

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