Kylie Rose - Taste My Sweat

Kylie Rose – Taste My Sweat

Kylie’s handyman visits her after she returns from the gym, and she catches him right in the act of smelling her stinky gym socks. He can’t resist inhaling the stench of her dirty, smelly socks pressed hard against his nose. Kylie Rose presses him down against the sofa and mounts his body to give him what he really wants: his face covered by her sweaty, filthy, bare feet. He is eager to lick, suck, and sniff her small, perfect feet, stuffing them in his mouth and getting off on her sweet stench. Kylie holds him down with her feet as she takes his hard cock into her little hands, stroking it as he worships her petite feet and helplessly inhales her sour footstink. This perverted handyman can’t hold it in any longer, cumming with Kylie’s hands on his thick cock and her pretty feet draped all over his face.

Kylie Rose - Taste My Sweat

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