Hey Little Dick - Massage Parlour - Kimberly Scott, Trinity

Massage Parlour – Hey Little Dick – Kimberly Scott, Trinity

Two female masseusses are working on a guy’s thighs when he says he occasionally gets some stiffness there. The girls find this amusing and point at his groin and say there doesn’t look like there’s going to be much stiffness in there as it looks a very small bulge. THe guy is shocked but the girls want to investigate more. They pull his underwear off so he is naked and then burst out laughing when they see his cock. The offended guy asks why they are laughing and they launch into some verbal abuse about how tiny his penis is. The girls are giggling and humiliating the poor guy for having a small willy but they still try to get it harder. They take turns wanking it and then one of them gets out her beautiful tits and gives him a tit wank. This gets it harder but not much bigger and as they continue stroking he shoots a load of spunk out which also makes them laugh more than impress them!

Hey Little Dick - Massage Parlour - Kimberly Scott, Trinity

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