Meeting Leilani Lei, the Silver Foxette - Joey's FeetGirls

Meeting Leilani Lei, the Silver Foxette – Joey’s FeetGirls

Before I left Tampa, I got a hold of Leilani. I planned to see her my last trip to Tampa almost a year ago but time constraints did not allow. This was the day after the wedding I attended and I left the air bnb at 7am, hungover as hell. I had been dying to see Leilani and thought about her every single trip to Florida I’ve had this past year. I’m excited to finally meet her in person.
The night before I mention that I’m really into smelly feet and she says she has some slippers that she has been wearing often because of the colder weather Florida has been experiencing. When I meet at her door I’m please to see she has them equipped.
We make small talk as we prepare for the shoot. She’s a very easy going and inviting lady who I can’t wait to see again. She asks me what she should wear so I tell her underwear because her body is bangin as she obviously takes the time to work on it. I set her up in a few poses and realize somethings that you just don’t realize til you see it in real life. 1: her feet are amazingly soft! and 2: they are incredibly flexible. Just setting her up in poses allows me to notice how soft and pliable her skin is before I even lay a finger on them. Seeing them up close and in real life does not compare to what I can create on camera.
We start the scene with her feet in my face while she works me with her hands. Her feet don’t smell too strong but they are pleasantly funky. She tells me how she likes feeling the air between her toes as I inhale, and then tells me its obvious that I’m enjoying this. I’m rock hard within one minute. Her wrinkled soles look amazing right in front of my face. She seductively discusses how hard I am and how she could make me cum so quick and she hasn’t even wrapped her feet around my cock yet.
I grab the camera and start shooting POV and the scene turned out nothing short of incredible. She places her feet on my dick and not only are they so incredibly soft, they are also warm to the touch which is always arousing to me. Watching Leilani in all the different positions and handle my cock makes me want to jerk off even right now as I write this description. She expertly uses her toes and arches to pump my cock which remains completely 100% swollen to the max just about the entire movie ever since the first minute mark. You’ll see plenty of her toes, wrinkled soles, curvy arches and that super in shape body of hers throughout the clip. Stringy precum hangs from my dick as I stay fully aroused the entire time.
Even though I’m super dehydrated from drinking too much the night before, she squeezes her arches together and still manages to make me fire my load high into the air.
I gotta say, this is one of THE most sexiest scenes I’ve ever shot and I can’t wait for the chance to fuck her feet again!

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Meeting Leilani Lei, the Silver Foxette - Joey's FeetGirls

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