Jerky Wives - Melanie Hicks in Mom Forced in the Bathroom

Melanie Hicks in Mommy Gave Me a Bath – Jerky Wives

I broke my hands and cannot bathe myself. Mom came into the bathroom to wash me. She was wearing a lose and open top. I could not stop staring at her breasts and I asked her from some release. I could not do it myself and needed her help.
She is worried about getting her shirt wet so she strips nude as she washes my legs. I continue to beg her to give me release as she washes me. She threatens to tell my father but I cannot stop requesting release…Finally she breaks down and sits between my legs and rubs my cock. She tells me to hurry but it feels so good and I want it to last.
I can no-longer hold back and explode in my Moms hand. She tell me to keep it a secret and I agree with her. Hopefully next time she can suck my penis…

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Melanie Hicks in Mommy Gave Me a Bath - Jerky Wives

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