MFYT Ripped Pantyhose POV - Foot Guy James Footjobs

MFYT Ripped Pantyhose POV – Foot Guy James Footjobs

The MFYT kicked off her heels after a long day. Marie’s feet were tired and sore and asked for a foot massage. She put her feet in my lap and i got to work, pulling on her toes and pressing into her soles. Marie moaned with relief. The anticipation was too much. I tore into her pantyhose savouring the moment her toes were exposed and traced the contours of each foot. Soon after my hard cock was between them and we’re off to the races.
As mentioned in her other clip on my c4s, Marie gives the best footjobs I’ve ever had. She rubs and grips the entire length of my cock like the master she is. The joystick and reverse almost had me. I waited until Marie gave me the green light, her toes squeezing hard at the most sensitive spot at the top of my cock. And I fucking exploded!
This is the POV version of the video. The MFYT Ripped Pantyhose video on her c4s is an extended 48 minute multi-camera version. The second camera angle definately came in handy to capture the trajectory of the huge cumshot that narrowly missed me in the face. Marie’s reaction is priceless.
Check out the myf33tyourtreat c4s page for the extended version and her other clips as well like “47 Minutes in Heaven”, “Babysitter Offers Foot Fun for Breaking Cellphone Part 2” and “MFYT Intro to Footjobs 101”.
As with all our videos, we also took photos, so be sure to checkout the MFYT twitter page and Instagram, not to mention her only fans and portfolio page.
There’s some kind of magic when my friend Marie and I get together, but it’s ALL Marie, I’m just the lucky bastard who gets to be there, pointing a camera at her.

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MFYT Ripped Pantyhose POV - Foot Guy James Footjobs

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