My Precious - 1080P | MP4 - Lexiana Teases

My Precious – 1080P | MP4 – Lexiana Teases

How will a big metal cockring feel around the base of his hard cock, as I tease him with my soft sensual hands?
That is the question I wanted answered today…
To find out, I preheated some organic coconut oil to give that extra soft and smooth feeling as my hands sensually tease his shiny and throbbing cock.
I start off by slowly caressing his cock and watch as it grows harder and harder in my hands. Once he is ready to go to the next level, I pour warm drops of oil on his cock and start to work my hands on him.
After applying the big metal cockring, it was clear to me that he was gonna get himself in trouble real soon. To take his mind of the ever growing urge to cum, I rubbed my palm on his sensitive cockhead to get him off the edge a little bit… Soon afterI started to rub his magic spot with my thumb to get him right back on the edge..
He was getting a little too close to the edge a couple of times, so I had to make a tight squeeze around his head, so no cum would get out too soon.
Once he was right there on the edge and ready to explode. I stopped… and pour more warm oil over his frustrated cock.
I knew he could’t take no more, but I decided that a nice ruined orgasm was all he was getting today. I mean, what is more sexy than to watch his cock shoot rope after rope of thick cum all over for me?

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My Precious - 1080P | MP4 - Lexiana Teases

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