My Sexy Neighbor Part 2 - Blow Fessionals

My Sexy Neighbor Part 2 – Blow Fessionals

So my neighbor came back over and this time I knew why she was here so we got right to business. I laid back on the couch and she started off nice and slow but a few minutes later spit was drooling out her mouth and onto the BBC. The spit had my legs drenched and it just seemed to turn her on more. Then I stood up and started to let her face fuck herself, she grabbed my legs and guided the BBC down her throat. That almost ended in a tragedy we had to take a break because she threw up in her mouth. She ran to the bathroom spit it out and came right back and stuffed the BBC in her throat. I sat down again and let her work the BBC with her mouth she barely used her hands the BBC was covered with her spit and it was sloppy. The BBC then let off right in her mouth and she swallowed it and loved the taste. This is my favorite neighbor…….Trust ME

My Sexy Neighbor Part 2 - Blow Fessionals

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