Now is your PLEASURE time! CUM ALL OVER MY FACE darling!!! - Kathia Nobili Girls

Now is your PLEASURE time! CUM ALL OVER MY FACE darling!!! – Kathia Nobili Girls

You know, I’m always…but always here for you! Always waiting to pleased you my darling! You never met the woman like me! So sexy, so beautiful…so full of passion…so lusty and so hungry for you every single time! I know…you have to hide this dirty secret from your family, from your wife…but you are not able to give me up…YOUR SECRET INAMORATA!
You need me…only I can give you the pleasure, you never told you will be able to receive! And I’m not waiting nothing back from you!!! I’m ONLY WOMAN IN THE WORLD!!! And I’m yours!!! I just want to worship you and your beautiful cock!!!
Now darling, I put on just white pantyhose…no panties…no foreplay! I just want to take you and feel you in my mouth! Just the way you love it…it is your pleasure time! Little tease before…but only because you want to see and touch my beautiful pussy…my flower…my wet treasure…but then…when you are nice hard already…it will be all about you my love! I take your swollen dick and start to lick all over…lower…lower…lower until your balls! Taking your hard cock in my mouth and blow you the way, you’ll feel like in heaven! Circling with my tongue…sucking you and keeping your lust on the edge! Play and make you crazy with my sensual blow job…with balls sucking…teasing and worshiping all your amazing cock!!! And when you are on the top…on the top of your pleasure and you just want to spurt your warm cum…to give me your sperm…I just know, how to make today experience even more kinky!!! CUM DARLING…CUM ALL OVER MY SLUTTY FACE!!!

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Now is your PLEASURE time! CUM ALL OVER MY FACE darling!!! - Kathia Nobili Girls

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