Off with the head (PART A, B) - 1080P | MP4 - Lexiana Teases

Off with the head (PART A, B) – 1080P | MP4 – Lexiana Teases

Part A
Tonight I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I wanted to give him a slow and agonizing yet playful head tease.
I wanted him right infront of me, real close with no where to go. I wanted full access to his cock and his balls so I could tease his sensitive head like never before. I told him to lay down naked on the table with his legs resting on my chair. I sat down right between his legs and started to play with his cock until it was nice and hard.
I poured some preheated organic coconut oil over his sensitive cockhead and started to rub it in.
He already knew that he was gonna get himself in trouble real soon. I kept all my focus on that sensitive head, constantly changing my way of touching him. Slow, fast, light touches and squeezes.
His moaning became more and more intense. Soon after he was swearing and trying his very best not to cum before I allowed him to.

Part B
His cock was oozing precum and he was more than ready to cum. I wasn’t ready to let him cum just yet. I had other plans for him.
He owed me something from my last time with him. I bought a brand new transparent silicone cock sleeve, and in my latest video I barely got to use it before he completely lost control and came harder than I’ve ever seen.
So this time I wanted to use it for more than just a few seconds. I knew I was gonna take it real slow, and pay full attention to his reactions just to make sure we didn’t have any accidents this time.
I kept my focus right on the sensitive tip of his cock. allowing just the very tip of his cock to enter this sleeve. I quicky found a way to make the sleeve use suction so when I pulled it off him it made the most wonderful noise. I know he couldn’t handle too many of those, because every time I did it, his head swelled and his breathing became heavier and he couldn’t hold back his moans even if he tried.
After keeping him on the edge for so long, he couldn’t even endure one more stroke with that sleeve. I started to slowly trace my finger over his most sensitive spot right under the head.. Over and over again, until he had no choice but to give in and shoot his big load all over.
Even though I was proud of him to last this long, I had to do a little post orgasm torture with the sleeve. I am so bad, I know!

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Off with the head (PART A, B) - 1080P | MP4 - Lexiana Teases

Off with the head (PART A, B) - 1080P | MP4 - Lexiana Teases

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