Olivia Rose Fetish - Tipsyin' Carried

Olivia Rose Fetish – Tipsyin’ Carried

Olivia Rose is just hanging out in her room when her roommate stumbles in the door missing his pants with his shirt backwards holding a beer bottle. He is so Tipsy! He is falling all over the place. At first she is annoyed by him, but then decides that this is the perfect opportunity to have some fun. She decides to get him naked and put him to bed. She then picks him up and carries him to bed, telling him to go to sleep right in her arms. She tells him that he might as well have an orgasm before going to bed too. She starts stroking him off, spitting in her hands to get his cock wet. Even though he’s Tipsy, her magic hands get him super hard. She strokes him to completion and then leaves him there to drift right off to sleep.

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Olivia Rose Fetish - Tipsyin' Carried

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