Sammy is back for more - Joey's FeetGirls

Sammy is back for more – Joey’s FeetGirls

In case it wasn’t obvious from the first video, Sammy has took a liking to me. She’s been flirting with me through messages ever since our first video telling me how she needs to take care of my cock again. I call her up and have her meet me at the nail salon so we can have those nude toes of hers properly pedicured. I bring her home and notice that the pedicure really brought her feet to life. Off camera, she gives me a bit of a strip tease as she gets completely naked in my living room.
She lays between my legs and starts off with a handjob with her soft soles waving in the air behind her. At one point Angelica comes down stairs for a bottle of water and Sammy was unaware that I had any company over. Side note: you may have seen some situations similar to this in some of my other videos and are wondering “does he always have other women always wandering around his house? The answer is yes, I always have various women visiting me and there’s almost always another woman in my house off camera lol.
When the coast is clear, Sammy does what she’s been waiting to do for weeks and begins devouring my cock. The way she uses her lips and tongue on me is amazing, it gets so good at one point I couldn’t hold back a stream of cum from escaping my dick, which she happily gobbles up. She gives me a footjob in a few different positions and I make sure that you get a good view of her ass and pussy. I have her rub my cock head on to her naked ass cheek while her tender soles grip the base of my cock. I imagine what it would feel like to slide my dick inside her which makes me lose control. Thick cum erupts into the air and down her hands and feet. I wanted to get some more foot positions in but I just couldn’t hold back anymore with my cock being rubbed so close to her asshole.

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Sammy is back for more - Joey's FeetGirls

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