Sasha - Andy Finds himself all Alone with Cruel Teaser Sasha Foxx - Sasha - Brat Princess 2

Sasha – Andy Finds himself all Alone with Cruel Teaser Sasha Foxx – Brat Princess 2

Alexa, Amadahy, and Sasha were scheduled for a shift together in the milking warehouse, but Alexa and Amadahy bail for some more exciting plans. This leaves poor andy unsupervised with cruel teaser, Sasha Foxxx. Some girls have a work ethic, many are driven by financial incentive, but Sasha doesn’t care about either. She just wants to see andy suffer. Sasha shocks andy with the maximum voltage as many times as the system will allow. She laughs as andy cries out in anguish. Andy uses Sasha’s name, pleading her for mercy, begging her to stop. Sasha does not stop. His suffering maximizes her pleasure, and she’s not going to sacrifice her own pleasure for some silly cow. Without an overseer, Sasha decides to leave andy hooked up to the machine and goes on a prolonged break. While she’s gone, the automation shocks andy over and over. Andy screams for help. Nobody hears him. Nobody cares. Sasha comes back much later, at the end of the shift, to run the end of shift protocol and clock out. She teases andy through the entire erection removal process, just to continue fuck with his head. Sasha watches andy suffer greatly through the erection removal process, with rapt interest. The shift is over. The cow’s screams stop. Sasha has put in a decent day’s work.


Sasha - Andy Finds himself all Alone with Cruel Teaser Sasha Foxx - Sasha - Brat Princess 2

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