Slutty Little Friend MP4 - Orgasm Abuse

Slutty Little Friend MP4 – Orgasm Abuse

Naomi and Nika want to go to the mall but neither has any money. Nika’s stepdad has just got home from work and she asks him. Tired from a long day, he is not in a good mood and is tired of his freeloading stepdaughter always asking for money and doing nothing to earn it. She walks away in a huff but Naomi lingers. She cozies up to him and tells him that she has noticed that he is always checking her out and if she won’t give Nika any money, perhaps she can “earn” a little. She starts to rub his cock through his pants. Naomi knows she has him now. He strips and she sits on his face as she very slowly strokes his cock, stroking lightly with her fingernails and takes her sweet time. Besides, she needs time to convince him to give her his credit card too. He is so desperate to cum that he agrees to whatever she wants. Nika walks in after her stepdad cums and can’t believe what she is seeing but Naomi at least has money for the mall now.

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Slutty Little Friend MP4 - Orgasm Abuse

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