So Close MP4 - Orgasm Abuse

So Close MP4 – Orgasm Abuse

Nika’s tutor is coming over but she has something else in mind other than studying. When he arrives she demands that the pervert strip, she wants to have the upper hand for once. He reluctantly agrees but he knows he would do anything she says, he cannot resist her. She has him worship her feet while she plays with his dangling cock with her other foot. Eventually she gets bored and handcuffs him and ties to the ceiling while she cruelly teases and denies him. Every time he is about to cum she stops, over and over. Still not satisfied, she has binds his wrists to the bed and while sitting on his face cruelly teases and denies him even more. The poor guy is about to literally explode. She finally allows him cum but she knows now that from now on he is her bitch.

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So Close MP4 - Orgasm Abuse

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