So So Sensitive - 1080P | MP4 - Lexiana Teases

So So Sensitive – 1080P | MP4 – Lexiana Teases

I had planned a long and sensual teasing and handjob session for tonight..
It’s been a about two weeks since I last stroked his cock, so I knew he was probably going to be sensitive. I had no idea that he was going to be THIS sensitive.
I had him on the edge of the bed, where I started tracing my glitter painted nails agaist the fabric of his tight boxers. I knew his cock was fighting to get out of there, so I slowly pulled them down a bit, and continued my light touching until his was fully hard. I traced my fingers over his balls. I could tell they were just ready to explode.
He started leaking before I even got him oiled up. After playing with precum, I oiled him up and started to sensually stroking him up and down. Four minutes later he was already struggling not to cum. Now the real fun begins!
I keep taking him to that wonderful yet extremely frustrating edge of orgasm. Each time telling him no as I squeeze my hands tightly around the swollen head, just to make sure no cum can get out, should he lose control.
He had no idea that I was gonna try a brand new toy on him. I had really great plans for this toy and how I was gonna use it on him, but the fun was over before it even started. Take a look and tell me that you could handle more than that??

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So So Sensitive - 1080P | MP4 - Lexiana Teases

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