Stepmom Helps You Cum Before Your Date - Daras Daily Taboo

Stepmom Helps You Cum Before Your Date – Daras Daily Taboo

My darling stepson is going on a date tonight! He’s just such a sweetie, the poor thing he’s so nervous! I see it on him right away, and feel like it’s my duty as his loving stepmom to give him some advice. I ask him some questions about how he’s getting ready, and how he’s feeling. I ask him if he’s masturbated beforehand, because everyone knows that takes the edge off when you’re going out on a date! You don’t want to be too excited now do you! It turns out he doesn’t have much experience with girls, so I offer to give him a hand. I check out what kind of underwear he has decided to wear, and even notice he has trimmed his pubes. I must say it does look very nice on him!
I will always be out for his best interest, and I know if he cums he will feel so much more relaxed. He lets me touch his dick, and it’s not long at all before he is rock hard and dripping with precum. I teach him a little bit about women and how to treat a lady on their first date while I rub his dick. I give him such a loving motherly handjob, putting his beautiful dick in my mouth and rubbing it against my tits. He’s so cute and innocent! This can be our secret. He needs to cum so he can really be smooth with his date tonight. I make him cum, a LOT, all over my naked tits. He absolutely covers my tits with cum before I tell him to go wash up and get ready to leave.


Stepmom Helps You Cum Before Your Date - Daras Daily Taboo

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