What does real humiliation look like? This. Imagine that you’ve been a big fan for a long time, wanting to worship & serve me. You apply to be a film slave or stunt cock for my vids and this is your big chance. Now imagine failing so spectacularly that I decided to share the vid with the world so others could be amused at what a complete sexual failure you are.

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So here’s another one of Black Kat’s videos. Now this for some reason Kat’s mouth was drooling to suck some BBC. She pulled out the BBC right there in the hallway of the building. She started off by straight deepthroat in the BBC until it got hard and choke all over the BBC. She then did some edge play to tease the BBC. Finally making it into the apartment she started to go to work choke herself with the BBC and covering the BBC with saliva. A couple times I think she jumped outta her body because her eyes kept rolling in the back of her head. Great video.

Category: BLOW JOBS

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Mya decides to torture her male victim not only in the mornings and evenings but in the afternoon as well. She lubes him well and jerks him to hardness. She then sits on his chest and jerks him hard until he cums hard on her hands.

Category: HANDJOBS

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6 minute clip, Bonus footage from Camera B
Mya is such a good friend. Not only did she visit for the holidays, but also helped Pleasure Demon get the best creampie possible! What man would not get hard and make more cum when there is a cute black girl playing with him and his wife? The girls jerk his hard dick and tickle his balls. Then Mya lies across his chest, with her tits on him, and her butt to his face, while Demon girl rides him cowgirl style until he cums! Enjoy this threesome creampie masterpiece!

Category: CREAMPIE

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I got a new camera and mic thanks to all of you who buy these clips! This was my 1st shoot using it and I forgot to turn off the auto focus so there are a few times here and there where it goes in and out of focus. Apologies for that. Won’t happen in the future!
Anyways! Meet the newest model “J”. She’s the quiet, loner, unpopular girl on campus. Doesn’t seem to have many friends, never see any guys talking to her. She’s not ugly, not hot, just kinda plain and unnoticeable. I scoped her out a few times hoping to maybe get a look at her feet but she’s never out of the sneakers you see at the start of this vid. It was pretty easy to get her to model for me. She seems likes the agreeable type that feels bad telling anyone no.
She’s 20 and a Junior she’s always dressed in leggings, the same old ass hoodie and sneakers not exactly the sexiest wardrobe. She has shoulder length brown hair with blonde highlights, wears glasses and has hazel eyes. Hard to tell what her body looks like the way she dresses but she’s not fat.
“J” has some seriously stinky feet. When I pull her sneakers off I could immediately smell stale popcorn. The socks she’s wearing look like they’ve been on a few days too. The cool things about “J” is she turns out to be really talkative and pretty sarcastic. Very chill girl who just goes with whatever. That made it easy for me to fuck her soles!
“J” has really pale feet like they never see the sun. Her soles were pretty fuckin’ soft too. I had a good time rubbing my cock all over them before busting a big load on her soles. When I ask how it feels she just says “It’s warm.” Clueless.

Category: FOOTJOBS

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Bijoux enters her older brother’s room to ask him a question, but is shocked to find his cock out and his girlfriend Whitney Morgan rubbing her bare feet on it! Bijoux is grossed out, but Whitney quickly calms her down and explains that her brother has a foot fetish. He loves to have toes and soles rubbed all over his dick. Whitney even invites Bijoux to join her in giving her brother a hot footjob! Innocent Bijoux watches in amazement as Whitney instructs her how to work a cock with her feet. Bijoux gives it a try and gets into it quickly. Before long these girls are taking turns rubbing their sexy feet on his cock, and even put their feet together to give him the ultimate double footjob! Both girls stroke his shaft and tickle his balls and tip with their pretty painted toes. They edge him on until he’s on the verge of exploding! Whitney helps Bijoux form her foot pussy for her big brother to fuck until he blows his load all over both girls’ feet. Whitney keeps this hot scene going by licking every drop of cum off of both her feet and Bijoux’s feet! This is a foot lover’s dream! Satisfy your desire for a BROTHER / SISTER / GF DOUBLE FOOTJOB

Category: TABOO

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Hey sweetie! Are you alright? You seem a little down today. Are you sure there isn’t something you’re not telling mommy?
How did your date go? Not so good huh…No, it’s not you sweetie. That girl doesn’t know what she is missing. I know…you really liked her didn’t you. You will find a girl that appreciates you…it just takes time.
Oh sweetie, don’t be like that. How can mommy cheer you up? Do you want to go to the movies? Well…how about we play a board game together. It’s been a while since we did that…or not…Well, you tell me what you want…I can’t stand you moping around the house.
I know something that might cheer you up sweetie. What if…what if mommy did something super special for you. Like what? Like the type of things that you wish those girls would do after your date. You know what I mean sweetie. What if mommy sucks your cock? No sweetie, I’m not teasing you. I’m serious.
Mommy would do that for you if you would like. Wouldn’t that be something you’d like? Of course I wouldn’t mind sweetie. I’ll do it right now for you before your father gets home. Do you want mommy to suck your cock? That’s my good boy. Undo your pants and sit back.

Category: TABOO

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