I been having trouble at night cuz of my conscience. Should I tell my neighbor his wife is the town slut? I called Clover back over to let her know I was going to tell her husband she’s a whore, but then she got on her knees and begged me not to, saying she’d do ANYTHING to keep it a secret so she could keep fucking her boyfriends. Anything? I took her up on a nice handjob, cuz my conscience wouldn’t let me go any further.

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Your wife has made this vid to “come out” to you. She’s been cheating on you and she doesn’t want to keep it secret anymore. She wants you to transition into a female-led cuckolding relationship. You love her and she’s persuasive so you likely won’t be able to resist her….

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April is a smart slut, also a sadistic one. She works as Escort and she loves to make easy and quick money. She loves to cheat and making men paying the more is possible for her service. She is so skilled anyway, that men are cheated and happy at the same time…
This client asked her by mail for a slow tantric handjob. When he arrives April is wearing a super sexy outfit, with fishnets and miniskirt. She makes him pay, then she gets on knees and pulls out his dick. As she starts to jerks his dick, she uses a huge amount of lubricant, then she moves her hand very quick on dick. She uses her tongue and mouth too. The man doesn’t say a word, cause the pleasure is too much, to make any objection to April. She has the dick in her hands, his orgasm in her power, then she is completely in charge from now on. She uses all the possible techniques to drive him crazy. She stimulates with 2 alternates hands, the very quickly she moves fingers on glande. You could’t even imagine how many techniques April knows. She knows a thing or two, but it is sure she NEVER gives pauses to the man, that is clearly explode to cum fast. When he cums, are passed only 12 minutes, but he pays for 1 hour. But…. he could even not remember his name after that. AS YOU WILL NOT !!!

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Dava’s husband is out of town and decides to have a night out. Dava met a guy at the club and and cant help but to call he friend about it. Dava tells her friend she went back to the guys car and fucked him. Dava explains to her friend that the guy didn’t even take off her pantyhose he just ripped them open and fucked her. Dava tells her friend she has to be quiet since her son is sleeping. To Dava’s shock her son is in the corner listening. Dava tell her son to come sit next to her. Dava try’s to talk her way out of it at first but knows she has been caught red handed. Dava thinks of a new plan. Dava tells her son that she knows he is always staring at her her feet when she comes home in pantyhose and she can see his cock bulging out of his pants when he is. Dava begins to glide her silky sweaty nylon soles from his ankle to his crotch. Dava come up with a compromise that she will give him a footjob and let him cum from her well worn pantyhose feet as long as he keeps his mouth shut. Dava’s son cant resit her foot digging into his crotch. Dava tells her son to get on the floor and he obliges. Dava wraps her pantyhose clad soles around hid cock and jerk it with her feet until he drenches her soles. Dava shows off her cum soaked soles and reminds him of there compromise.

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