Im Wald abgewichst Die Sklavensau schön fixiert bekommt erstmal richtig paar in die dumme Fresse. Dazu nehme ich Ihm noch seine Atemluft . Die Nippel sind total empfindlich und werden zusammen mit dem Sklavenschwänzchen bespielt und abgewichst, mitten im Wald The Sklavensau beautifully fixed first gets really few in the stupid face. I take his breathing air for him. The nipples are totally sensitive and are recorded together with the slave cock and deviated, in the middle of the forest

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Sweetie, mommy is sick and tired of cleaning up your messes. You cum all over everything! I understand that you have urges, and that’s fine. But, mommy wants to teach you the proper way to take care of those urges. Mommy is going to help that horny cock of yours cum. Mommy is going to stroke you off and rub her perfect titties all over your big dick. Eventually, mommy lets you cum right into her hand. (Mommy jerks you off, rubs your cock on her tits and helps you cum, you fill her hand with your load! Lots of dirty talk and roleplay)


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Wake up sleepy head! Come on, let me touch it. Look it’s really hard. Grandma won’t be up for a while. I can’t believe mom and dad send us off to grandma’s house for so long… I am so horny. I need this.
Mom and Dad wouldn’t even let me bring my boyfriend, so you’re gonna have to do. You can’t say no. Just let me suck your cock. I thought about wrapping my lips around you all night. I stayed awake touching myself. I don’t want to wake grandma though so be quiet. Let me take your cum. I’ll swallow don’t worry, there won’t be any mess in this bed.
You want your little sister to be your horny little slut this morning?

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Brittany Lynn loves putting together some of the hottest combinations of fetish clothing around and this time is no different. She has on her red leather vest with the studs, her shiny red pants, and tops off the whole outfit with her ultra shiny silver thigh high PVC boots. She takes a moment to show it all off, then sits down in a chair and calls over a guy who is standing just out of sight. He has a raging hard on and once he gets over to her she grabs a hold of it and starts to stroke it with a nice handjob. She of course delivers plenty of dirty talk about her outfit, and especially her thigh high boots. They are so shiny in the lights and she knows they are driving the guy crazy. As she sits, she does plenty action to show her boots off, including some crossed legs fun. This really shows off her Silver thigh high boots. It is clear she is doing this on purpose and the sexy move seems to get the guy’s cock even harder. Of course, Brittany Lynn loves this. She continues on with the handjob, stroking faster and faster and making it clear that she wants the cumload stored up in the guy’s balls. As she sees him getting closer, she unzips her leather vest and exposes her nice big tits. That proves to be all he needs and he blasts her tits with a thick cumshot. Brittany Lynn then shows off the cum that is all over her chest and revels in the fact that her shiny thigh high boots, and the rest of her outfit, can get her such a warm sticky reward. Included in this clip: Boot Fetish, PVC – Vinyl, Shiny Clothing, Fetish Clothing, Thigh high Boots, Boots, Crossed Legs Fetish, Dirty Talk, Handjob, Cumshot, Cum on Tits, Leather Fetish, Leather Vest, Blondes, Brittany Lynn

Boot Fetish, Cum on Tits, Cumshot, Dirty Talk, Fetish Clothing, Handjobs, Leather Fetish, Leg Crossing, Shiny Fetish, Thigh High Boots

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Gia flirts with her boyfriend on the couch, her hands softly running against his crotch. “You know how we always do that role-play?” she says with a big smile on her face. “Well, I thought we could try something different this time.”
Ever since Nicky got comfortable and open with his new girlfriend, he’s been experimenting with certain role-plays that stem from his past – taboo ones, at that. Gia always plays his big sister, while Nicky is an innocent, sweet, little brother who fantasizes about finally touching and seeing his sister naked.
“What were you thinking?” he asks intrigued. “You’ll see,” Gia says devilishly. She covers his eyes, waves for someone to come in, and a blond girl stands in front of Nicky. “Surprise!” Gia says uncovering his eyes, and Nicky is confused to see his older sister standing in front of him. “That’s…fucked up,” he says looking at Gia.
Gia lets out a giggle, well-aware of how nervous her boyfriend is, but Nicky’s sister, Fifi, seems okay with everything. “My little brother likes the fantasy?” Fifi says teasing Nicky. “Do you fantasize about me? Fucking me?” Nicky is quiet, afraid to admit anything, but Fifi knows the truth.
“Aw, he does, doesn’t he!?” Fifi smiles at Gia. “You cute, little thing,” she says pinching her brother’s cheek. Gia has already told Fifi all about Nicky’s obsession with the brother and sister role-play, and Fifi wants to help out.
“You know, now that I think about it, I bet you were jerking your dick to me when we growing up,” Fifi says to her brother. “Oh my god, has he ever told you that?” Fifi asks Gia with a big smile on her face. Gia admits that Nicky has been opening up a little about why he enjoys such a taboo role-play, and it has a lot to do with thoughts of his older sister when he was growing up.
“Let’s do the real thing this time,” Gia tells her boyfriend. “It’s…awkward,” Nicky says still weirded out by the whole situation, but Fifi is persistent. She tells Nicky to relax, and even admits to having her own fantasies about touching him when she was growing up. “Just close your eyes and pretend it’s not me for a second,” Fifi says.
The two girls run their hands outside Nicky’s pants, and Fifi covers her little brother’s eyes so he can enjoy himself. They pull down his pants, undress themselves, and share Nicky’s cock between the both of them – stroking his shaft and massaging his balls in their hands.
Fifi talks dirty to her brother asking him things like, “When you’re fucking your girlfriend, do you pretend it’s me?” Nicky’s eyes roll back in pleasure as the two stroke his cock, and Fifi admits her own forbidden fantasies of fucking her little brother.

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Oh good you’re up. I know I usually work today but I told your father I wanted to take the day off and get to know my new son a little better. Is it alright if I call you my new son? I know…it probably feels a little different without your real mom around, especially because your dad remarried a much younger woman. But…I think it will be better… you know.
I didn’t ever get the chance to really know her, but it sounds like you and your mom didn’t really get along too well…and personally I’d like to have a MUCH closer relationship with you. Your dad told me what a bitch she was to both of you. He said she used to fight with you all the time. Said she wouldn’t let you hang out with anyone, especially with any girls.
Being from a different generation, I have a little bit of a different parenting style… It wasn’t too long ago that I had boyfriends your age. I know the kind of sexual appetite they have… Your mom wasn’t fair to you to keep you shut in. I think dating is a completely necessary learning experience for someone your age.
You don’t think it’s too weird talking to me about this stuff do you? I want us to be able to share anything and everything. Have you ever been with a girl? Yes I mean like sex silly. No? Not even a blowjob? A boy your age should have more experience…No it isn’t your fault. I blame your prude mother…
Look…I want a better experience for you and I want harmony in my new household. I want all the men in my life to be happy and satisfied. How do you think we can do that? You don’t know? Well I have a few ideas that we could start with today. I want you to lay down on the bed and your going to do a little trust exercise for mommy. Yes you can call me mommy. Now lay down.

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Is already the morning and you still waiting for your future wife…your love! Soon you are going to get married and now she went with her friends to crazy bachelorette party. How you know it’s crazy…as you remember your bachelor party and what you did! And your babe is so hot…for sure she say good bye to her freedom properly! And that idea make you…not angry at all…you start to feel horny! Imagine your woman having other man inside her…making you fucking…fucking horny!

,,Good morning darling. I’m home!!! ,, Finally…you will make her say the truth to you…you want to hear the dirty story witch she’ll try to keep in secret. Look so pretty. And you start to asking about her night. She say to you that she is very..very tired and going to the bed…you’ll have so much time together after the wedding! But you just find out your cuckold fetish…and you need to fulfill your fantasy!

You then follow her to the bedroom. Getting harder on your woman…on your wife, you want to hear everything…was she with someone else…did she get fuck…fucked real hard?!!! She doesn’t understand your questions…better to deny! But as you keep pushing and pushing her…she can take it any more!!!

YES…I did…I had a beautiful man tonight! Are you happy now? YES…I was cheating on you!!! And what…it was a last night on my freedom!!!

What? Are you mad?! You want all details?!! But I did not fuck him…only…blow his dick…his huge dick! I could hardly take him in my mouth! If I liked it??? YES, YES, YES….I loved to feel his swollen big dick in my mouth!!! Happy NOW???

Oh my Gosh!!! What is with you??? No…you’re not angry…not at all!!! I see you getting harder and harder in your pants!!! So…there we go!!! At the end I’ll have to find out you’ll the huge cuckold husband!!! Well baby…you should share your fantasy with me already before!

I’m going to tell you all the dirty stories of my life! But let’s start with tonight! I want you to feel how much I was crazy about his cock…the strange man dick! I just let him to fuck my mouth…look at me…you wife mouth get full with his tasty cum!!! Let me show you baby how!!!

And this is just a beginning….I’ll make you a real cuckold husband…and next time…after our wedding…after I’m MRS., I’ll let you watch how I’m fucking huge dick right front of you!!!

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