Brittany Lynn loves putting together some of the hottest combinations of fetish clothing around and this time is no different. She has on her red leather vest with the studs, her shiny red pants, and tops off the whole outfit with her ultra shiny silver thigh high PVC boots. She takes a moment to show it all off, then sits down in a chair and calls over a guy who is standing just out of sight. He has a raging hard on and once he gets over to her she grabs a hold of it and starts to stroke it with a nice handjob. She of course delivers plenty of dirty talk about her outfit, and especially her thigh high boots. They are so shiny in the lights and she knows they are driving the guy crazy. As she sits, she does plenty action to show her boots off, including some crossed legs fun. This really shows off her Silver thigh high boots. It is clear she is doing this on purpose and the sexy move seems to get the guy’s cock even harder. Of course, Brittany Lynn loves this. She continues on with the handjob, stroking faster and faster and making it clear that she wants the cumload stored up in the guy’s balls. As she sees him getting closer, she unzips her leather vest and exposes her nice big tits. That proves to be all he needs and he blasts her tits with a thick cumshot. Brittany Lynn then shows off the cum that is all over her chest and revels in the fact that her shiny thigh high boots, and the rest of her outfit, can get her such a warm sticky reward. Included in this clip: Boot Fetish, PVC – Vinyl, Shiny Clothing, Fetish Clothing, Thigh high Boots, Boots, Crossed Legs Fetish, Dirty Talk, Handjob, Cumshot, Cum on Tits, Leather Fetish, Leather Vest, Blondes, Brittany Lynn

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